Is your configuration correct?

You may face loss of performance or additional licence costs with incorrect configuration

Are you using your resources correctly?

What are wait types? Is it OK or too much? what are the rates of CPU and RAM usages?

What About Security

How many sysadmin users? easy passwords? Do you control your permissions? risk of data loss?

Latest Tips

Great scripts or documents about SQL SERVER


SELECTCONVERT(DECIMAL(12,3),SUM(user_object_reserved_page_count) / 128.)AS [User Objects (MB)],CONVERT(DECIMAL(12,3),SUM(internal_object_reserved_page_count) / 128.) AS [Internal Objects (MB)],CONVERT(DECIMAL(12,3),SUM(version_store_reserved_page_count) / […]


Steps are: Suspend your database to close data movementsChange Readable secondary Nodes to […]


The optimize for ad hoc workloads option is used to improve the efficiency of the […]


;WITH BufPoolStatsAS(SELECTdatabase_id,COUNT_BIG() AS page_count ,CONVERT(DECIMAL(16,3),COUNT_BIG() * 8 / 1024.) AS size_mb,AVG(read_microsec) AS avg_read_microsecFROMsys.dm_os_buffer_descriptors […]


SELECT total_physical_memory_kb / 1024 AS [Physical Memory (MB)],available_physical_memory_kb / 1024 AS [Available Memory […]


This performance counter shows the amount of memory SQL Server currently uses.