Some Readings, Short Infos and SQL Server Scripts

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Your database's LDF file, that is, the LOG file, has grown, you […]
Running DBCC CHECKDB and get out of TEMPDB errors although having enough […]
You realized that your database has grown and you want to check […]
Let's assume that you have created separate datafile for non-clustered indexes but […]
SELECT NAME,NAME ‘password’FROM sys.sql_loginsWHERE Pwdcompare(NAME, password_hash) = 1UNIONSELECT NAME,‘Blank’ AS ‘password’FROM sys.sql_loginsWHERE […]
This query helps you identify your tables and calculate size/rowcount ratio easily: […]
Assume that all we know why we are using IDENTITY column in […]
SQL Server için tanımlanan memory alanı ne kadar yeterli sorusuna en iyi […]
When any connection starts the value of the SET LOCK_TIMEOUT is -1, which […]