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Sysadmin can run any scripts on SQL Server. What if S/he runs […]
Your database's LDF file, that is, the LOG file, has grown, you […]
There are four different types of checkpoints: Internal checkpointsInternal checkpoints occur during […]
Do not spread clustered indexes, and nonclustered indexes, or large object (LOB) […]
Create multiple data files in filegroups with volatile data. Make sure that […]
SQL Server splits transaction logs into chunks called Virtual Log Files (VLF) […]
When this option is enabled, SQL Server periodically shrinks the database and […]
Set MAXDOP to 1/4 of the number of available CPUs in OLTP […]
This configuration option controls how SQL Server caches execution plans of ad-hoc […]
If the server has 8 or fewer CPU cores, create the same […]