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SELECTCONVERT(DECIMAL(12,3),SUM(user_object_reserved_page_count) / 128.)AS [User Objects (MB)],CONVERT(DECIMAL(12,3),SUM(internal_object_reserved_page_count) / 128.) AS [Internal Objects (MB)],CONVERT(DECIMAL(12,3),SUM(version_store_reserved_page_count) […]
Steps are: Suspend your database to close data movementsChange Readable secondary Nodes […]
The optimize for ad hoc workloads option is used to improve the efficiency of […]
;WITH BufPoolStatsAS(SELECTdatabase_id,COUNT_BIG() AS page_count ,CONVERT(DECIMAL(16,3),COUNT_BIG() * 8 / 1024.) AS size_mb,AVG(read_microsec) AS […]
SELECT total_physical_memory_kb / 1024 AS [Physical Memory (MB)],available_physical_memory_kb / 1024 AS [Available […]
This performance counter shows the amount of memory SQL Server currently uses.
This performance counter indicates the ideal amount of memory SQL Server should […]
Start with 50, and keep on checking (scripts to detect CPU expensive […]
DECLARE @now BIGINT;SELECT @now = cpu_ticks / (cpu_ticks / ms_ticks)FROM sys.dm_os_sys_info WITH […]
The more compilations SQL Server performs, the more load the Query Store […]